Dylan Natter’s Proposed Forbes Articles

Dylan Natter’s Proposed Forbes Articles

We were excited to publish our first Forbes article earlier this year and then we thought to ourselves…what article should centrexIT CEO Dylan Natter work on next? After all, as a true renaissance man, Dylan can provide some pretty good insight into a wide variety of topics. It turns out Dylan Natter had plenty of Forbes article propositions to send over.

Dylan Natter’s Proposed Forbes Articles

  • Nickelback is the greatest rock band in the world, and I’m tired of pretending otherwise.
  • Technology is cyclical: the triumphant return of the semaphore
  • I can hold my breath for 10 minutes
  • “Jack and Jill” was a movie years ahead of its time, and you owe Adam Sandler an apology
  • Hey! You look really nice today. Is that a new aftershave? It smells great!
  • The socioeconomic ramifications of rock and roll music in East Berlin, circa 1967
  • Forks are uncivilized
  • Mary Shelley kept her husband’s calcified heart in her desk, and that’s just about the most metal thing I’ve ever heard of
  • Can’t anyone else hear that terrible heartbeat from beneath the floorboards?
  • Scissors should absolutely beat rock
  • Grant Page owes me $15
  • The XFL is the future of sports entertainment

And our favorite:

  • Brown bears aren’t so tough, and I’ll wrestle one to prove it

As always, have a great April Fools Day!

The centrexIT Team

Podcast: The Digital Nomad

Podcast: The Digital Nomad

Darin Andersen and Merrin Muxlow from Seamless Podcast welcome special guest Sean Ernst, in this podcast episode “Smart Cities: Digital Nomad.”

“The missing link for us was a platform that allowed us to develop…but not be full-blown developers 100% of the time. So throughout the many trials and tribulations of looking for the right platform, we ended up partnering with a local San Diego company that had done just that.”

In this Smart Cities episode, Sean Ernst talks about the changed workplace environment from an IT and technology-use perspective, including work life during Covid-19, digital transformation and the digital workplace, the rise of the digital nomad, and the future of technology for human communication. He also discusses the new innovation platform being created by Dreamtsoft and centrexIT that is poised to transform the MSP world.

Listen here or on your favorite platform below. Quick transcript reference:

  • 00:02:43 Darin introduces Sean Ernst
  • 00:04:48 High-level market trends and application sprawl
  • 00:07:10 Efficient online collaboration improves efficiency & reduces working day
  • 00:09:29 Dogs barking & other new distractions when working from home
  • 00:12:14 How the shared experience of the WFH “new normal” has helped grow understanding & compassion for the WFH situation
  • 00:14:52 Managed IT platform development with Dreamtsoft & centrexIT
  • 00:18:40 How the new platform with help shape the IT industry
  • 00:21:52 The importance of having top-notch HR practices to support remote work and how accessing great talent is one of the benefits of a remote business structure
  • 00:25:37 Darin discusses how technology has shaped communication over the years
  • 00:28:42 How collaboration platforms have spearheaded new forms of language and communication
  • 00:35:48 What will future technology do to communication?
  • 00:29:42 Closing thoughts and contact info


Sean Ernst travels as a Digital Nomad while spearheading the MSP industry’s cutting-edge technology

Full Transcript

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Article: How MSPs Can Self-Regulate To Keep Businesses Safe

In the historically unregulated MSP industry, self-regulation is key to keeping businesses safe.

In this Forbes Technology article, Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT, exposes the correlation between the overall security of a company and the cybersecurity practices of their Managed Service Provider.

With damage related to cybercrime projected to hit $6 trillion annually in 2021, the critical importance of cybersafety cannot be understated, especially since the widespread shift to working from home has stripped users of traditional protections. Everything from the security of work from home users to broader system security can and must be considered.

Read full article on Forbes

Article: How MSPs Can Self-Regulate To Keep Businesses Safe

Podcast: The Digital Workspace

Darin Andersen and Kim Hakim from Seamless Podcast welcome special guest Dylan Natter, in this podcast episode “Futurecon: The Digital Workspace.”

It’s been a challenge to say the least. People have had to adapt and transform their skills almost overnight.

In this Futurecon episode, Dylan speaks about providing IT services during Covid19, the transition from the Digital Office to the emerging Digital Workspace, and cybersecurity in remote environments. He also shares his 20 years worth of entrepreneurial experience and perspective of numerous topics related to IT and cybersecurity. Additionally, Dylan discusses a new MSP software product centrexIT is developing that will radically change how the MSP industry operates.

Listen here or on your favorite platform below. Quick transcript reference:

  • 00:03:42 Darin introduces Dylan Natter
  • 00:05:16 How “fire drill” practice prepared centrexIT to move to remote work
  • 00:07:45 The digital workplace starts with communication
  • 00:10:01 The challenge of working with dozens of clients’ applications
  • 00:13:25 Securing remote workers
  • 00:17:15 Great tech partners were critical for the large scale remote-work transition
  • 00:21:57 centrexIT partnership with Dreamtsoft for platform development
  • 00:25:32 Need in MSP industry for new IT management solution
  • 00:28:15 Dylan’s thoughts on managing IT teams for success
  • 00:29:42 Closing thoughts and contact info


Full Transcript

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Taking Care of Business in 2020

When we chose “Taking Care of Business” as part of our tagline, we weren’t expecting the unique challenges of 2020. However, we here at centrexIT are blessed with the key to any challenge: a truly outstanding team that has gone above and beyond to support our clients, our community, and each other. 

Despite the myriad of difficulties, 2020 has been filled with countless unexpected joys. Here are a few examples of things to be grateful for that stood out to me over the past year. Read more “Taking Care of Business in 2020”

centrexIT Podcast Work from Anywhere

Podcast: Work From Anywhere

Darin Andersen and Kim Hakim from Seamless Podcast welcome special guest Sean Ernst, in this podcast episode “Futurecon: Work from Anywhere.”

I packed my dog, camping gear, everything, and I drove across the United States and I worked for two months on the road.”

Have you ever dreamed about packing up your dog and just taking off? That’s what Director of Technology Sean Ernst did, all while keeping connected and productive at work. In this episode Sean discusses why the business world is forever changed by the new work-from-home standard and why companies should be excited by the new normal.

Listen here or on your favorite platform below.


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Work-from-home security options

How To Secure Your Work-From-Home Users for Optimal Business Results

Now that many businesses are comfortable with working remotely, it’s time to review how to secure work-from-home users in order to achieve optimal business results.  Do you want flexibility for your users? Do you want a system that is easy to scale and manage?  We compare the top two ways of securing remote users so you can decide what is best for your business. Read more “How To Secure Your Work-From-Home Users for Optimal Business Results”

centrexIT Podcast IoT Security 2020

Podcast: State of IoT in 2020

Darin Andersen and Daniel Obodovski from Seamless Podcast welcome special guests Sean Ernst, Darren Bennett and Tom Caldwell in this podcast “Smartcity Tech Trends: State of IoT in 2020.”

In this round-table podcast:

  • Darren summarizes the new security concerns covid-19 brings to businesses.
  • Sean discusses the main security considerations for businesses selecting between endpoint models vs centralized data models.
  • Tom reveals the best practices businesses should use when securing and measuring IoT sensors.
  • The round-table discussion also reviews:
    • How certain kinds of technology accelerates work-from-home productivity.
    • The pros and cons of the different security frameworks that are popular with many businesses.

Listen here or on your favorite platform below.


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centrexIT and Biocom Launch New IT Platform to Streamline Business Operations for California Life Science Companies

IT Deal Desk eliminates the hassle of vetting and securing new technology providers

SAN DIEGO – Oct. 6, 2020 – centrexIT, an information technology (IT) services provider helping businesses thrive through technology, and Biocom, California’s leading life science member association, today announced the launch of IT Deal Desk. The latest platform provides Biocom members with exclusive access to an extensive, vetted partner network and simplifies the task of negotiating and securing agreements on members’ behalf. Read more “centrexIT and Biocom Launch New IT Platform to Streamline Business Operations for California Life Science Companies”