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Podcast: Work From Anywhere

Darin Andersen and Kim Hakim from Seamless Podcast welcome special guest Sean Ernst, in this podcast episode “Futurecon: Work from Anywhere.”

I packed my dog, camping gear, everything, and I drove across the United States and I worked for two months on the road.”

Have you ever dreamed about packing up your dog and just taking off? That’s what Director of Technology Sean Ernst did, all while keeping connected and productive at work. In this episode Sean discusses why the business world is forever changed by the new work-from-home standard and why companies should be excited by the new normal.

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centrexIT Podcast IoT Security 2020

Podcast: State of IoT in 2020

Darin Andersen and Daniel Obodovski from Seamless Podcast welcome special guests Sean Ernst, Darren Bennett and Tom Caldwell in this podcast “Smartcity Tech Trends: State of IoT in 2020.”

In this round-table podcast:

  • Darren summarizes the new security concerns covid-19 brings to businesses.
  • Sean discusses the main security considerations for businesses selecting between endpoint models vs centralized data models.
  • Tom reveals the best practices businesses should use when securing and measuring IoT sensors.
  • The round-table discussion also reviews:
    • How certain kinds of technology accelerates work-from-home productivity.
    • The pros and cons of the different security frameworks that are popular with many businesses.

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