5 Top IT Security Habits

5 Top IT Security Habits

We recently teamed up with PBO Advisory Group and Franklin | Soto to present the top best cyber practices to help protect your organization’s valuable IT and financial assets. The 5 top IT security habits we shared in the webinar will help your business get started right away with a better IT security posture. 

Listen to the full webinar, “Hacking Is on the Rise.”  

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Why You Need a Security Plan for Microsoft 365

Why You Need a Security Plan for Microsoft 365

In our recent webinar with Veeam, we reviewed why you need a security plan for Microsoft 365. When Microsoft 365 was officially announced in 2017, it came as the next obvious evolution of the already powerful collection of Microsoft office tools. From a collaboration perspective, it provides an elegant solution to connect and empower remote team members. From an IT perspective, it streamlines IT management of users, devices, apps and services. And best yet, it uses integrated, intelligent security to safeguard company data, customer data, and intellectual property. If security is already baked into the software, why do you need a security plan for Microsoft 365?

Webinar recording: Microsoft 365 Security and Backup: Why You Need It.

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Work-from-home security options

How To Secure Your Work-From-Home Users for Optimal Business Results

Now that many businesses are comfortable with working remotely, it’s time to review how to secure work-from-home users in order to achieve optimal business results.  Do you want flexibility for your users? Do you want a system that is easy to scale and manage?  We compare the top two ways of securing remote users so you can decide what is best for your business. Read more “How To Secure Your Work-From-Home Users for Optimal Business Results”

centrexIT Podcast IoT Security 2020

Podcast: State of IoT in 2020

Darin Andersen and Daniel Obodovski from Seamless Podcast welcome special guests Sean Ernst, Darren Bennett and Tom Caldwell in this podcast “Smartcity Tech Trends: State of IoT in 2020.”

In this round-table podcast:

  • Darren summarizes the new security concerns covid-19 brings to businesses.
  • Sean discusses the main security considerations for businesses selecting between endpoint models vs centralized data models.
  • Tom reveals the best practices businesses should use when securing and measuring IoT sensors.
  • The round-table discussion also reviews:
    • How certain kinds of technology accelerates work-from-home productivity.
    • The pros and cons of the different security frameworks that are popular with many businesses.

Listen here or on your favorite platform below.


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FBI Cybersecurity Resources and Covid-19 Recommendations

Last week we were honored to team up with the FBI (in partnership with the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE)) and Biocom on behalf of our biotech heros. The team hosted an exclusive executive-level briefing on cybersecurity specifically tailored to San Diego’s life sciences industry. This Biocom-member webinar contained an overview of the security challenges companies are facing in 2020 and beyond. In addition to industry-specific advice and an overview of current insider threats, the FBI left us with the following FBI cybersecurity resources and covid-19 recommendations. Read more “FBI Cybersecurity Resources and Covid-19 Recommendations”

Planning Your Business Continuity IT Strategy

Have you spent time revising or planning your business continuity IT strategy yet?

Business Continuity Planning is something you ideally do before a crisis occurs. Let’s set the scene for this post: it’s June 2020, the middle of nationwide protests and an international pandemic due to covid-19. We want to make sure businesses have the info they need to prepare and rebuild as quickly as possible from the upheaval they are experiencing. What better time to give tips to local companies? We set up a complimentary Business Continuity Planning webinar with PBO Advisory Group, tW2 Marketing, and Rad-on-Point Consulting

The day we gave the webinar, yet another threat appeared as wildfires broke out in San Diego county. The moral of the story? Business continuity plans are not just important, they are critical, and they should be robust enough to cover a range of potential crises.

Here is how to plan your business continuity IT strategy.

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Why You Should Integrate Your IT Services and IT Security

Why You Should Integrate Your IT Services and IT Security

IT services and IT security are not mutually exclusive. So why do managed service providers (MSPs) treat them differently? Why do they often set up separate entities to provide these services?

What many IT service providers don’t understand is that these two concepts work in tandem: IT services influence IT security, and vice versa. We think it’s time to integrate them once and for all.

Here’s why you should incorporate IT security into your managed IT services.


The Complete Guide To Securing Your Company’s Network

The threats of cybersecurity attacks and hacking aren’t limited to large enterprises. The importance of securing your company’s network could not be understated.
Small and medium-sized businesses frequently face these threats, too. According to a UPS Capital report, small and medium-sized businesses represent almost two-thirds of companies that experience a cybersecurity breach in the United States.
Moreover, data breaches continue to climb and went from just 200 data breaches in 2005 to 1,300 in 2017. With data breaches forecasted to rise, it’s important to be aware of some of the top types of security breaches your company is up against and how to secure your company’s network. Here’s how you can get it done.


How Cybersecurity Worked Before 1970

Today, cybersecurity is a hot topic. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about hacking, protecting against hacking or other cybersecurity-related topics. In fact, the term “Cyber”, no longer meaning “Cybernetic”, has become IT slang for “Cybersecurity”. Cybersecurity is portrayed today as a war between the good guys and bad guys. This war is nothing new, in fact cybersecurity began when humans made the first technological advance.