In our September 2020 webinar, centrexIT and Klarinet Solutions reviewed how to use Microrosoft 365 to save money, get cyber-safe, and increase team performance with next-generation collaboration tools. Watch the webinar recording to find out how the consolidated approach with Microsoft 365 acts as a $1 million solution for small and medium-sized businesses…at a fraction of the cost.

Webinar Details

How to Thrive In The New Digital Age   |   The Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace: The $1M solution for a fraction of the cost

Webinar co-hosts

  • Nicholas Wenz, Virtual Chief Information Officer at centrexIT
  • Daniel Amaro, Managing Partner at Klarinet Solutions

Webinar Summary

  • Microsoft 365: The Consolidated Approach: How consolidating technologies offers more business value at a lower price point.
  • Security-first Methodology: How cybersecurity is built into the digital workplace design to safeguard businesses from the rising number of threats.
  • Productivity & Collaboration: How option-rich collaboration tools will take your business to the next level.

Topics & Timestamps

  • Overview: The Challenge in Today’s Business World: 2.33
  • Microsoft 365: The Consolidated Approach: 4:05
  • Overview: The Traditional Workspace: 5:48
  • Overview: The Digital Workplace: 7:48
  • The Point Solution Cost Model vs The Platform Solution Model: 16:08
  • Case Study #1, 43 Users: 17:42
  • Case Study #2, 237 Users: 18:32
  • Case Study #3, 640 Users: 19:37
  • Security-first Methodology & Overview of Threat Landscape: 20:42
  • Overview: Microsoft 365 and Security-first: 23:30
  • Overview: Productivity & Collaboration: 25:16
  • LIVE Collaboration Demo: 27:00
  • Wrap-up: 41:46
  • Q&A: 43:33

Webinar Recording

Watch the full webinar recording here:

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