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Here are a few things we hear from people who are looking into alternative ways of managing their IT as a solution for their business:

  • We are not confident that our current IT provider is able to keep up with our business plans.
  • Our current provider seems to be very reactive and requires a lot of our time to manage them.
  • We are losing a key person that has been handling our IT and we need a short- and long-term plan.
  • Our current provider doesn't seem to really understand or help us adhere to the regulations that are impacting us.
  • We seem to be falling behind in technology and are unable to do some things that seem to be basic.
  • We do not have a clear IT budget or roadmap and everything seems to be a surprise.
  • Our provider keeps losing team members and it is affecting us because we are having to retrain them.
  • We are not confident in our current security and are left wondering if we will be next.
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