We have a lot to be thankful for this year! We officially went fully remote, we moved to a better office space, and we helped develop an exciting new IT management platform, all while navigating a second pandemic year. And most importantly, we worked hard to support each other and keep our core values at the forefront of everything we do. 2021 was certainly a year to be thankful for!

Every day is a great day with our team

Officially a Fully Remote/Hybrid Team

Along with thousands of other companies, in March 2020 we were pushed into a fully remote workforce. Like the rest of the world we thought we’d be back in the office in a couple of weeks, or at most a month.

Half a year later with no end to the pandemic in sight, we started having internal discussions about our ongoing work-from-home situation. Was it working? Was it something that we wanted to continue if we could return to the office tomorrow? After numerous surveys amongst our team members, it became clear that nearly everyone preferred the fully remote setup, and we decided to make the change permanent.  

This permanent change allowed us to expand our team nationwide. Not only were we able to hire top talent from out of state, many members of our staff were able to move closer to friends and family across the country. 

New Office Space

Going remote wasn’t the only change we’re thankful for. We officially moved our office to Poway in May! 

The ground-floor space and excellent location makes it significantly easier for our engineers and technicians to prepare and distribute hardware to our clients throughout the county.

Additionally, hot-desk workstations and conference rooms are available for those who wish to work and meet on-site.

centrexIT Releases Pzzle

IT is a rapidly changing environment. Whether it is software updates, hardware advances, or the increase of cybercrime, technology is always changing. Under normal conditions, a significant adjustment in IT management is needed every 5-10 years. The Covid-19 outbreak accelerated this need with the sudden and dramatic shift to a widespread remote workforce.

Thankfully, we’ve created a solution with our partner Dreamtsoft: Pzzle, an IT management platform optimized for MSPs, which is now officially in use with all of our clients. Clients using Pzzle will be able to view their IT environments in real time and develop their own applications as we continue to roll out our planned content. Stay tuned in 2022 for more exciting updates!

Bow Ruggeri, CEO of Dreamtsoft, and Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT, are transforming the way businesses manage information technology services.
Bow Ruggeri, CEO of Dreamtsoft, and Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT, are transforming the way businesses manage information technology services.

Celebrating Our Culture

centrexIT was recognized for the eighth time as one of San Diego’s Best Places to Work!

We enjoyed several outdoor centrexIT family events this year, including hikes and a fun family beach day in the beautiful summer SoCal weather.

Since we were working remotely, we also spent a lot of time this year enjoying the company of our furry friends at home. Loki won the contest for cutest doggy snores, and would often take naps sprawled out right next to Jose’s backpack.

Dog with centrexIT backpack

We also celebrated our quirky sense of humor by doing things like brainstorming fun article ideas we could submit to Forbes on behalf of our CEO Dylan Natter. Photoshop is an amazing tool!

Most of all, it was a relief to be able to meet safely in person again.

Some of the team after our November strategic planning meeting. It was the first time we got together indoors as a large group since March 2020.

Our new vision

2021 continued the self-reflection many companies began in 2020, and centrexIT was no exception. We dedicated time as a team to reflect on our purpose and values of C.L.A.S.S. (care, leadership, accountability, service and speed). Every time we considered what was truly important to us, the answer was always people. People, people, people. 

Thus, we are gratified to publish our new vision: to be the most people-obsessive Technology Enablement Services Company.

Why does this matter so much to us?

It matters to us because our clients deserve the highest level of service. Without fail, our clients are pillars of our communities. Whether it is the San Diego Humane Society or MAAC directly helping animals and people, or our dozens of life-science and medical clients who are inventing or distributing the medicine that keep us healthy, we are in constant awe at their commitment and passion and are humbled that we can help with their success.

In Closing

In closing, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Wherever you may be, we wish you the best for 2022!

The centrexIT team

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