Why San Diego Life Sciences Companies Should Join Biocom

Today’s modern life sciences companies face several issues that make driving change in the community a challenge. From cybersecurity threats to issues with procuring resources to facilitate growth and stay competitive, life sciences companies have many challenges to overcome. However, being a part of a local organization focused on the advancement of the life sciences companies and the communities its serves helps to alleviate these issues. That’s where Biocom comes in handy. As California’s largest life science association, Biocom offers lots of services that San Diego Life Science companies can leverage. With all the benefits and value that Biocom offers, it’s not surprising that life science companies around the city join and become members of Biocom, and maybe you’ll find it right for your company, too. Here’s why:

1. You’ll Be Able to Leverage Financial Support

Being able to change an environment requires efficient resources to get it done. As a Biocom member, your business can tap into the financial resources provided through the organization’s capital development programBiocom’s capital development program aims to connect you with venture capital so you can help enhance the lives of the people in your community through your life science business. For instance, you can request assistance for capital and get connected to different resources for funding. You can also take advantage of Venture Days and Partner Days where you learn valuable insight on procuring funding.

2. You’ll Connect With Industry Leaders

San Diego is home to a bustling life science industry and represents the third-largest area where Californians find a job in the field. The region has tons of resources you can use to help support your business goals, such as networking events. Because BIOCOM is dedicated to building a strong network of leaders in the life sciences industry, it’s not hard to connect and find resources that can help you reach your goals. With more than 15 niche communities, you can drive change when you’re part of the Biocom network.

3. You’ll Learn a Lot

Thanks to its Biocom Institute, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to learn and discover new innovations as a Biocom member. With its workforce development programs, you can easily find talent and learn about different issues that are happening right in San Diego. For instance, its Life Science Workforce Symposium gives you an opportunity to learn from keynote speakers, workshops and panel discussions on the different sustainability challenges and best practices. You can also gain insight and even find new interns to help your life science business grow by taking advantage of Biocom’s Academic Biotech Consortium. Even it’s annual student hackathon event provides learning opportunities that can help drive insight on new data breach issues to recognize.

4. You Can Take Advantage of Discounts

Part of being able to sustain your life science company involves being able to manage your cash flow. You can save on expenses with the help of Biocom. Biocom helps members save up to 25 times what they pay in membership dues through its strategic purchasing group savings discounts. You’ll get discounts on travel, facility operations, data communications and lab services, which all help drive down the cost of doing business.

Final Thoughts

Being able to conduct business while staying competitive and driving an impact on your community is crucial for life sciences company. The great news is you can leverage organizations like Biocom to help you get it to accomplish your goals. By joining Biocom, you’ll be able to extend your vision and goals beyond your current resources and receive the added benefits of a developed community of like-minded thought leaders who aim to improve the lives of San Diego’s community members and beyond.


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