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2-year development has yielded the fastest, most secure and energy efficient private cloud among MSPs, available only to centrexIT customers

SAN DIEGO—August 30, 2022— centrexIT, an information technology (IT) services provider helping businesses thrive through technology, today announced an upgrade to the centrexIT cloudIT offerings with its new Private Cloud, powered by HPE GreenLake and Cisco. HPE GreenLake is a highly secure, flexible, and manageable edge-to-cloud data solution infrastructure that supports strategic workloads and drives new business growth, while Cisco provides the backbone to the system.

centrexIT is offering the upgraded cloudIT Private Cloud service to all of its customers. “Your cloud can only be as powerful as the core it is built on,” says Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT. “This is precisely why you don’t want to build it on aging, siloed infrastructure and why we invested significant capital and spent two years perfecting it.  We chose HPE GreenLake because it allows us to scale at the rate needed to meet growing demand, along with a slew of new security capabilities that are built into the core of the offering. We are committed to our client’s success, and that’s why providing Fortune 500 quality cloud service options at a competitive price is so important to us.”

The state-of-the-art HPE-powered cloudIT Private Cloud not only provides clients improved business operations with 99.9999% uptime, priority procurement for hardware with supply chain issues, and instant capacity scalability, but also delivers greater business outputs. For instance, the integrated analytics capabilities are a powerful tool for IT professionals to analyze trends in data for future planning purposes. When the data analytics show that the company is growing 100 giga bytes (GB) in data per month, then IT leadership can more accurately forecast future costs and requirements for expansion. And, because it utilizes large enterprise reference architecture, small and medium-sized businesses experience a competitive advantage by engaging with a service level used by companies 10x their size.

The cloudIT Private Cloud offers many enhancements that enable robust operational improvements to performance, including key security features that are critical in today’s dangerous cybersecurity landscape. It utilizes the HPE security-by-design approach to protect data from edge to cloud and constantly checks the integrity of systems and hardware. Additionally, disaster recovery add-ons meet the needs of the most demanding data protection requirements with near-instant recovery capabilities. Another notable security feature is both production and backup storage data are encrypted. Encryption protects information in the event of a security breach or attack and is a highly effective way of keeping a business’ data secure.

The Full List of Enhancement Benefits with the centrexIT cloudIT Private Cloud Include:

  • 10X faster processing speeds
  • 10X more networking capacity
  • 2/3 less physical space required
  • Improved environmental sustainability
  • Adverse events resolved in seconds instead of days
  • Over a Petabyte of processing power and storage availability
  • Maintaining 99.9999% Uptime

The new cloudIT Private Cloud is currently offered to centrexIT’s managed service clients at a cost lower than equivalent high-performance public cloud services. The cloudIT Private Cloud upgrade also expands the service and performance options for cloudIT Hybrid Cloud. cloudIT Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Private Cloud and public cloud services, where cloud spend is focused on optimizing performance needs while aligning to a budget.

About centrexIT

centrexIT helps small to medium-sized businesses focus on their success by providing a value-driven and transparent IT experience. With a wide range of available services, such as Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) management and consulting, centrexIT incorporates best-in-class solutions to establish stable, scalable, and secure technology environments. Since its founding in 2002, commitment to consistently providing excellent customer service and quality has defined centrexIT as the leading managed IT services provider in Southern California. To view centrexIT’s service and product offerings, or to join the centrexIT team, visit www.centrexIT.com.

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