The San Diego Biocom IT Company That Specializes in Life Sciences

Life science companies face a number of challenges that require unique solutions. Simply managing their supply purchases take an enormous amount of time and money. Those companies in the San Diego area can improve their situation if they use the services of Biocom and centrexIT.

San Diego has a thriving community of life science companies, many located in Torrey Pines Mesa. Working with centrexIT and the Biocom Purchasing Group offers each of these businesses a number of benefits that help ensure their continued growth.


centrexIT and Biocom

centrexIT is one of Southern California’s leading managed IT service providers, specializing in managing and securing life science company networks and information systems. Part of the respected Biocom network, centrexIT has been a leader in providing IT solutions that make businesses more efficient, productive, and employee-friendly.

Biocom provides an extensive purchasing network that includes top quality suppliers who sell their products to members at a reduced price. centrexIT belongs to this effective network.

Laboratory Needs

Biocom has negotiated a number of highly competitive contracts with life science providers so their members can get the supplies they need at the lowest possible cost. These contracts cover lab supplies, both new and used, gases, on-site services, etc.

The 450 plus California Biocom members give the group power in the industry as does their rigorous 18-month RFP process, which assures quality products and extra purchasing power.

Human Resources

Biocom also enhances a company’s entire culture by improving hiring practices and employee benefits. Members have access to exclusive discounts on competitive employee benefit packages and retirement plans. In addition, Biocom offers culture curators, professional development courses and networking opportunities, all ways to attract and retain the best employees.

Physical Environment

People are the most important business asset, but the physical environment matters as well. A bright, comfortable interior facilitates productivity. As members of Biocom, companies have access to lower prices from well-known suppliers of office supplies, furniture, and technologies that they need to create effective workspaces.

Communication and Data Tools

More than most industries, life science companies must have the latest in communication and data tools to stay competitive. Maintaining that technological edge is less expensive with Biocom’s purchasing power. They have a premier group of suppliers that offer discounts on advanced services and programs such as virtual data rooms, e-clinical services and translational services. In addition, they have a variety of marketing and branding solutions. In the near future, Biocom’s offerings will include discounted programs for communications infrastructure, visual collaboration software and managed IT services.

Travel Discounts

Life science professionals often need to travel extensively. Sometimes budget constraints make attending conferences or other duties impossible. The purchasing power of Biocom allows these experts access to discounts on air travel, hotel rates and rental cars, which makes necessary travel affordable.

centrexIT is the only Biocom IT company in San Diego. Both companies work together to offer life science companies a way to acquire the goods and services they need at a greatly reduced cost. All the suppliers are thoroughly vetted for quality and dependability.

Life science companies cannot afford to go it alone without limiting their supply options. Using Biocom’s purchasing group allows these companies to invest their savings into other aspects of their businesses.

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