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LA Bioscience is welcoming a new addition to its corridor, and it’s bound to “hatch” new opportunities for bioscience companies to leverage. This new addition is appropriately named Hatch LA Bioscience, HATCHlabs or HATCH. The HATCH LA Bioscience incubator program is poised to provide bioscience companies with a space to create, experiment and innovate. 

This office space and multi-tenant lab is the result of a partnership between Hatchspaces LLC and the LA Bioscience Hub and offers promise for life sciences, bioscience and tech companies in Los Angeles’ ever-expanding biosciences industry. Here are some important aspects of this incubator program:

HATCH LA Bioscience Incubator Program Offers Plenty of Space

With more than 22,000 square feet of office space, HATCH is set to be a hub for bioscience companies that have outgrown their incubator spaces and want to take advantage of a large facility. Agora Partners and ASG Real Estate spearheaded the buildout of this hub and worked together to convert this 80-year-old building into a robust space to drive industry-disrupting innovation.

This space used to be home to several types of businesses, including art studios, metal works businesses and furniture fabrication companies. Now this space has transformed from a vacated industrial park to a wet lab facility for LA’s innovative talent in the bioscience industry.

Under the leadership of these two partners, the once-furniture fabrication and metal works facility, now is a home for bioscience companies. Bioscience companies stand to benefit from the resources at HATCH, including its large lock-out suites and co-working amenities.

There’s a Space for Research and Testing

Biosciences companies often must invest in research and development heavily to stay competitive and ensure their products and services are at the level of quality their customers and key holders expect. However, a challenge to achieving this goal is having access to the resources that can facilitate research and testing.

HATCH helps solve this issue by providing a place for bioscience companies to test their products and services and conduct quality research. Moreover, HATCH offers a place to support operational efficiencies and facilitate the radical and rapid advancement of bioscience companies’ research and development efforts.

The incubator also hosts a clean room and supports collaborative environments to facilitate innovation and research and development. With these capabilities, HATCH presents a unique position to enable innovation and industry disruption.

HATCH is Near Tech Talent

Bioscience companies that find it challenging to connect with industry leaders, life science IT companies or other tech talent pools may find HATCH a place that can solve these problems thanks to its convenient location in the LA Bioscience Corridor. The incubator space is located in the El Sereno neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles on Alhambra Avenue and conveniently across local cafes and coffee shops.

The USC Health Sciences Campus, the LAC+USC Medical Center and Downtown Los Angeles are also within proximity to HATCH and the LA Bioscience Corridor. The LA Bioscience Corridor’s growing eco-system of academic institutions, early tech startups, investment groups, growing life science companies, medical facilities and various other organizations in the nonprofit, private and public sectors makes it an ideal location to support successful innovations by biosciences companies and the opportunity to meet, learn and collaborate with like-minded people.

The LA Bioscience Corridor is also home to a community of tech talent and startups, which makes it easy for HATCH tenants to access L.A.’s tech and life sciences talent.

An Incubator for Innovation and Change

As an incubator for innovation, HATCH stands to help usher in new best practices for bioscience companies and organizations in the life sciences industry. This change may likely start with expanding talent beyond typical demographics in the tech and biosciences industry.

One change has been mandated by new changes in California law. By 2021, California life science companies in the public sector will need to include a minimum of one female board member. This change helps open up an opportunity for changing the face of tech talent and balancing the scales of executive leadership in the life sciences industry from a male-dominated industry to one that is more inclusive.

HATCH Wants Tenants

It’s not always easy to find a space to innovate, experiment and be around like-minded individuals in the bioscience industry. However, HATCH solves this issue and it’s currently seeking tenants for its new space. This rare opportunity provides bioscience companies with the ability to be one of the first tenants in the space. That means they can find ideal units to house their early operations or support existing ones that are experiencing a rapid growth stage.

While the office space opened in early December 2018, it is still seeking new tenants to fill its units. The incubator and office space office also offers flexible lease terms for bioscience businesses that may only require temporary housing.

Final Thoughts

It’s not always easy to find a space to innovate, experiment and be around like-minded individuals in the bioscience industry. But with the opening of HATCH, small business owners and innovators in the bioscience industry can expect this all to change. By taking advantage of this innovative incubator and office space, bioscience companies can effectively support the innovative products and services they plan to bring to the market.


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