How To Choose the Best Life Sciences Managed Service Provider

Life sciences companies must focus their energies on research and development and not be distracted by other business needs such as complex IT services. You deal daily with the intricacies of your industry and bringing breakthroughs in science to the general public. Your IT needs are many, but you may not be able to adequately deal with them in-house without allocating it a chunk of your budget that is best used elsewhere. Life sciences companies should consider outsourcing their IT needs to an expert life sciences managed service provider. Doing so offers you a number of advantages that will enhance the productivity of your company.


Look Toward Outsourcing Your IT

Many companies simply cannot afford the cost of maintaining a full IT staff. IT employees must have a high level of training and update their education continually. When you outsource your IT needs, you have access to a bigger talent pool, one full of the specialists that you need. You get advanced service while lowering your IT budget, and you can feel certain that you’re getting the best service possible. The significant funds you save can better be used for R&D.

Increased Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats have mushroomed in recent years, and hackers have grown more sophisticated and effective. So have the number of cybersecurity companies in San Diego. Your in-house IT department may be able to deal with basic security issues but be at a loss when faced with ransomware and especially damaging viruses. A managed IT company trains its employees to meet the dangers of the latest cyber threats at a level your company cannot manage. The cost of cyber attacks can be astronomical, and the life sciences industry is a favored target. Valuable industry secrets are a strong lure for hackers and scammers, so you need the best protection available.

24-Hour Protection

Your company can experience IT difficulties at any time of the day or night. In fact, if something is going to go wrong, it will probably happen at 3 am. By the time you discover the issue the next day, you may have lost valuable data as well as hours of time. A managed IT company will monitor your company’s IT status and take immediate action if there is an outage, cyber attack or other issues. They will limit your company’s downtime, which can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that you are protected.

Cloud Computing

A managed IT services company offers you cloud computing, so a break-in or natural disaster will not be catastrophic for your research and client data. Even a devastating flood will not completely close down your business. You can simply have employees use laptops off-site to gain access to their files, which are safely kept online. While you might lose computers, you will not lose expensive servers or be forced to shut down for days or even weeks.

Software as a Service

Your company will also benefit from Software as a Service (SaaS). Instead of purchasing individual licenses for software and installing them on each office computer, a managed IT company will offer SaaS. You are then charged on a subscription basis, paying monthly for the software you need. A managed IT company will help guide you toward the best programs and make certain that your business stays up-to-date by offering you the latest software.

Your employees save time and effort with this arrangement. The software is already configured and can be easily installed from the cloud. The IT company will arrange for automatic upgrades as well. If you are currently managing your software in-house, you know how frustrating and time-consuming that process can be. Outsourcing your IT also frees you from a number of other software worries.

Faster Troubleshooting

A managed IT company has the resources to develop a sophisticated ticketing system and highly trained customer service crew so that your employees do not have to wait endlessly for help. Many companies who try and keep their IT in-house are stretched thin and don’t have the personnel to deal with the many issues that can arise in your business each day. The life sciences industry, in particular, cannot afford delays during their complex processes.

Outsourcing your IT means that problems will be prioritized and help quickly dispatched. Problems are less likely to fall between the cracks because you will be working with an extensive team with the time to devote to your critical issues.

Life Sciences Companies and centrexIT

For many companies, outsourcing their IT department makes a great deal of sense. Your company will benefit financially and be better able to keep up a high level of productivity. The life sciences industry is a demanding one, and you need to focus on the research and development aspect of your business. Maintaining your servers, software and security is time-consuming and difficult unless you outsource those tasks to the experts.

You can find the IT knowledge that you need at centrexIT. Our experts offer you a true IT partnership while delivering the latest in security measures and cloud operations technology. The work you do is too important to leave your data to anyone except the experts. For more information, log into the website and take our free assessment.

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