Managed Service Providers In San Diego Should Be Providing These 5 Things For Their Clients

There are quite a few Managed Service Providers in San Diego, and choosing from them can be a difficult process. We’ve given you 5 key things to look for when selecting your next managed service provider in San Diego to work with.


The Runbook

Creating a runbook is important and integral for IT departments and the company because it is a compilation of the normal procedures and operations for IT tasks that the system administrator or IT operator will carry out on a daily or weekly basis.

These “runbooks” are a reference for both tech departments and the network operations centers. For computer-related employees, these runbooks are usually in digital format, but for the company that hires the managed service provider, the runbook has a physical form. Because the reference is so important for standard and routine processes, the finished product should be completed quickly and without delay.

The IT admin or VCIO will create either or both the general or specialized runbook. The general version is for system administrators to have a high-level view of the IT infrastructure. The specialized form is for an organization to have a drilled down and detailed version of each aspect of the network.

The runbook is specific to that company’s network and needs. Creation generally runs through the following processes:

  • The Overview: This is what the runbook is, contact, and the how-to.
  • Initial Build: The build is for the software that will make service for the company, the source code, steps and instructions.
  • Deployment: The deployment of the software, build of a server, requirements operating system and configuration.
  • Common Tasks: The necessary step-by-step instructions which include provisioning, problems and solutions.
  • Pager Alerts: All alerts your monitoring system will need and generate for the service and the guide on what to do for each.
  • Disaster Recovery: Plans for disaster recovery to include what to do for a fail-over and a hot or cold spare.
  • Service Level Agreement: This is the contractual obligations you have with the customer and may include goals.

A Well-Rounded and Specialist Team

Keeping all other processes in mind, the managed service provider will need a well-rounded team with specializations in various departments. The company needs both diversity and sufficient size to encompass the IT world as well as the different aspects of technology and information systems. A well-rounded team should consist of these characteristics:

  • The leader
  • A primary researcher
  • The team player to connect the others
  • An expert in an IT field
  • A planner for IT projects and services
  • The innovator for new ideas
  • The communications specialist

Transparency in the Company

In the San Diego area, information technology services are fast-paced and competitive. The MSP should ensure proper and quick reporting, an open dialogue for consulting and advice and training in different methods used. Transparency in the company is one key to a successful and beneficial relationship between the business and the MSP.

Strategic Consulting

To promote growth and keep ahead in San Diego, the company and MSP need a competitive advantage through strategic consulting. This should provide a proactive method for your company to both grow and ensure the implemented infrastructure has the capability to handle the changes that occur. With the managed service provider in San Diego, consultations can help the company understand technical aspects of the network, IT operations and the focus for these strategies. Implementation requires awareness and cooperation between both teams.

Good MSPs don’t just fix things. They are proactively trying to help you grow and ensuring the infrastructure can handle it. They also work to actively prevent data breaches and other security threats. They can advise you on best practices and develop safety measures to protect your data, customer information and confidential information.


An MSP should remain within the same parameters of other IT professionals and organizations by providing the utmost in confidentiality. All the sensitive data you supply the MSP requires privacy and structured safeguarding. Business information in San Diego is full of innovative ideas and a fast-paced growth that changes constantly. You cannot trust an MSP that does not guarantee confidentiality and reliability through protecting the business data.

A San Diego Managed Service Provider

To keep up with the demand of the quickly evolving IT world, you can trust in centrexIT to provide the managed service provider processes for success. These service providers can ensure confidentiality, provide a well-rounded team with specialists, give the necessary and beneficial strategic consultations, deliver transparency in the company and create and utilize a runbook.

CentrexIT can perform the IT operations and support your business through data collation, protecting sensitive data and helping your company grow in the San Diego area.

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