Why IT Leaders Should Focus On Desired Outcomes

IT companies and managed services providers are notorious for thrusting “their solutions” on to a client even in situations that might not be in the best interest of the client. Forcing a square peg into a round hole usually turns out bad for the company and the result is costly downtime, not to mention needing to eventually rip and replace the hardware and software that was ill-equipped to help the business grow.

The IT company of the future is one in which the IT company truly understands the needs of their clients and then designs a solution that is truly beneficial and scalable for the intended company.

If a company doesn’t need physical servers… then don’t give them physical servers. Just because you’re a Dell partner and you get a screaming deal on hardware that you can subsequently up-sell to the client, doesn’t mean you should actually implement those servers. A modern managed service provider will implement modern solutions in order to achieve a modern office. If they don’t… then run!


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