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One of the great things about being a managed IT provider in San Diego County is the outstanding organizations and people with whom we get to work. This year, we were excited to kick off our first annual jacket and toy drive with MAAC. MAAC is a non-profit organization that has supported the San Diego County area for over 50 years with advocacy and high-quality programs that maximize self-sufficiency among the vulnerable members of our communities.


How Can We Help?

The more we’ve worked with MAAC this year, the more we’ve come to realize how life-changing their programs are, and the more we are impressed by the dedication and commitment of their staff to the individuals and families they serve. The last couple of months offered us an excellent opportunity to participate by donating warm clothing items and gifts for MAAC to distribute to the children within their programs.

Who is MAAC?

Since 1965, MACC has helped increase the self-sufficiency of individuals and families in San Diego County by using a holistic approach focusing on five different areas of service: Economic Development, Education, Health & Well-being, Housing, and Advocacy & Leadership Development. These Pathways of Service provide many different channels of support and advocacy for those who need it.

For instance, programs such as the STEP (Striving Towards Economic Prosperity) Program helps individuals gain self-reliance. Other Educational programs, like Head Start, help nearly 2,000 children and their families in the North San Diego County areas by giving early educational support.

Filling a Real Need

Many of the families participating in MAAC’s Head Start and Preschool programs have children who qualify for seasonal outreach programs such as Toys for Tots. However, the teachers and staff at MAAC know that it’s not just gifts that make a difference this time of the year. As mild as San Diego County is, compared to the rest of the country, it still gets uncomfortably cold in the winter. Thus, MAAC commits to providing warm clothing to families during this colder season as well as outreaching with gifts.

Grateful to Give Back

Providing managed IT support for clients is rewarding for us at centrexIT because we love geeking out with technology. Still, more than that, we love supporting the missions of the organizations we work with every day. Participating in the jacket and toy drive this year allowed us to provide direct support to an outstanding San Diego non-profit organization, MAAC. Thank you, MAAC, for all that you do!

Other Ways of Giving Back

For those interested in more information about MAAC’s impact on the community, you can find it on their website. And of course, donations are always welcome.

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