The latest tools and services deliver enterprise grade security to small and midsize businesses nationwide, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer advancement and success

SAN DIEGO – July 21, 2020 – centrexIT, an information technology (IT) services provider helping businesses thrive through technology, today announced the expansion of its guardIT cybersecurity offering, a fully managed risk mitigation platform that enhances cybersecurity for the small and midsize business (SMB) market. The latest centrexIT service adds important new cyber strategies to the guardIT portfolio, generating a remediation roadmap that closes high risk gaps and secures valuable assets.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive surge in cyberattacks, making our new set of cybersecurity services particularly timely. Remote work has become the new normal for numerous businesses, which means employees have to rely on wireless technology and virtual platforms to perform effectively,” says Dylan Natter, CEO of centrexIT. “While a remote model streamlines daily work activities, it also makes employees and business assets more vulnerable to cybercriminal activity. centrexIT’s array of cybersecurity entitlements allow customers to create an all-encompassing security awareness program, and we are thrilled to offer these security services to small and midsized businesses nationwide.”

Proactive Cybersecurity Program Protects Businesses from Growing Threat Landscape

The company’s core guardIT cybersecurity management services originally included anti-virus and cybersecurity perimeter filtering tools, as well as foundational security support responding to basic alerts and incidents. The expanded cybersecurity offering adds more in-depth security tools that proactively protect SMBs against the evolving threatscape.

The increase in frequency and complexity of cyberthreats requires businesses to invest in the most current and sophisticated security systems. SMBs often lack the enterprise level budget necessary for a comprehensive security program yet require similar services in order to meet the demands of consumers and vendors, as well as adhere to security standards. centrexIT’s new cybersecurity entitlements are designed to give SMB’s a cost efficient, enterprise level of service that effectively monitors network activities and vulnerabilities.

Offerings include:

  • Cybersecurity Essentials: includes dark web monitoring, email phishing and cybersecurity awareness training to help ensure employees have the skills they need to be the first line of defense against online crime.
  • Risk Mitigation Platform – Essentials: an automated system providing asset discovery, monitoring and alerting, and vulnerability scans for up to 25 IP addresses.
  • Risk Mitigation Platform – Advanced: everything offered in Essentials, plus vulnerability and threat management, intrusion detection and compliance management for up to 100 IP addresses.
  • Risk Assessments for the Center of Internet Security (CIS20), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and health privacy provisions.

The new risk assessments support regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines from several regulatory entities, making the services technically enforceable as a policy so businesses remain compliant.

“The United States’ life science and healthcare industry is a top global target for cyberattacks. Around half of the attacks are aimed at small businesses who in many cases do not have a comprehensive cybersecurity program that can effectively thwart a data breach,” says Grant Page, director of business development at centrexIT. “Our company has extensive experience managing IT programs for San Diego’s life science leaders. Now, our newest cybersecurity entitlements allow us to expand our reach and provide at-risk companies with a similarly high level of support.”

centrexIT’s cybersecurity services are available now for companies nationwide and can be customized to meet specific business requirements. Programs start at $3,000. For sales information, visit

About centrexIT

centrexIT helps small to medium-sized businesses focus on their success by providing a value-driven and transparent IT experience for remote, on-site, and mixed business environments. Specialized technical teams help clients in the areas of IT management, cloud services, cybersecurity, project implementation and strategic consulting. Since its founding in 2002, commitment to consistently providing excellent customer service and quality has defined centrexIT as the leading managed IT services provider in Southern California. To view centrexIT’s service and product offerings, or to join the centrexIT team, visit

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