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When businesses set up work-from-home programs for their employees, the same questions about IT always come up.  Our life sciences businesses are the heroes that make our medicines and innovate solutions for our future. Are you a Biocom life-science organization? We are offering free 30-60 minute IT advisory services to Biocom members to help you keep running smoothly no matter where you are.

These advisory sessions are useful for C-level execs, IT decision-makers, or senior staff members who have questions on any of the topics listed below.  

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What You'll Gain

• 30-60 minute session with a member of our senior technical leadership team
• Open-format advisory session discussing needs or challenges with establishing a work-from-home program.
• Before-, during-, and after-work hours available
• Recording of each session can be provided upon request

Who Is Eligible:
• Biocom members (C-level execs, IT decision makers,
and key senior staff)
• Open to all regions

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• Collaboration and meeting platforms
(Microsoft Teams, WebEx Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc.)
• User Access Control
(integrated & secure sign-on, audit, group controls)
• Risk Management
(encryption, compliance, message/data retention, policies)
• Technical
(VPN, audio/video quality peripherals, best practices)
• Communications Culture
(meeting cadence, meeting etiquette, teambuilding/keeping it fun for remote teams)

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