Private Cloud

We level the playing field with our cloudIT Private Cloud. Powered by HPE GreenLake and Cisco, this enterprise-grade solution can handle 10x what you need so you can scale quickly and easily. Plus, you have access to capabilities usually only big businesses can afford, giving you a leg-up on your competition.

The Full List of Enhancement Benefits with the centrexIT cloudIT Private Cloud Include

10X faster processing speeds

10X more networking capacity

2/3 less physical space required

Improved environmental sustainability

Adverse events resolved in seconds instead of days

Over a Petabyte of processing power and storage availability

Maintaining 99.9999% Uptime

Get ready for growth

Improved Business Operations

It’s no surprise that the lightning-fast capabilities of the centrexIT cloudIT Private Cloud improves business operations. With faster processing speeds, increased network capacity, and 99.9999% uptime, your production environment can live competitively in the cloud and handle anything you throw its way. Even better, with over a million Gigabytes of storage and processing power available when you need it, your new cloud is ready to handle your businesses’ growth instantly.
Features include

  • 10X faster processing speeds
  • 10X more networking capacity
  • Over a Petabyte of processing power and storage availability
  • Maintaining 99.9999% Uptime
Rest easy with secure data


Our cloudIT Private Cloud, powered by HPE GreenLake, uses a security-by-design approach to keep your valuable data protected. Select the features that make sense for your business case and rest easy at night. The security-by-design approach uses zero-trust architecture to create a perimeter-less security. This “never trust, always verify” concept means that even devices that were previously trusted are not trusted by default. These types of integrated security practices are critical in today’s modern, complex environments.
Features include

  • Zero trust-enabled architecture from edge to cloud
  • Continuous data protection capabilities
  • Built-in encryption capabilities
Figure from HPE GreenLake: Showing the difference between a “trusted” model vs. a zero-trust model where virtually all devices are untrusted.
Improve your strategy

Greater Business Outputs

The success of your business is not just dependent on smooth day-to-day business operations, but also on strategic decisions that improve your long-term business outputs. Traditionally, analysts put together collections of data over a period of weeks or even months to make educated decisions on what actions to take to improve future business outputs.

That’s where cloudIT Private Cloud gives a real competitive edge. With improved analytics at a touch of your fingers, you can convert lagging indicators into real-time data and make your decisions faster and more accurately.  

Features include

  • New sources of data from the cloudIT Private Cloud environment 
  • Improved analytics capabilities give increased insights 
  • Convert lagging indicators into real-time data

For example, by analyzing usage patterns, future costs and requirements for expansion are easily predicted and prepared for ahead of time.