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Designed to the most rigorous technical and regulatory standards, cloudIT™ is a dedicated cloud, custom-tailored to your exact business needs. cloudIT™ is built on the best enterprise hardware and software, hosted in world-class datacenters and managed by people who understand your business. cloudIT™ is Your Cloud.

Local Virtual Server Hosting
Remote Connectivity
Back-up & Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Email & Web Browsing Security
Internet Fax to Email

Why It Matters

cloudIT™ leverages the benefits of cloud technology while preserving performance, efficiency, and security.


Virtual Private Servers

The cornerstone of any cloud are virtual servers, storage, and networks. With dedicated firewalls, storage volumes and servers, cloudIT’s reliability, performance and built-in security protect your assets, reduce risk and let you grow your business.We take your privacy seriously. Our Dedicated Cloud approach ensures your data remains private and secure.

Private Cloud Offerings:

Virtual Firewalls: Each cloud is provisioned with a pair of virtual firewalls. We believe that your uptime is paramount, and the network is the foundation for your uptime. Firewalls are provisioned as a High-Availability pair to ensure maximum uptime. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) Cloud Team monitors and manages your firewalls on your behalf to meet your exact business security needs.

Virtual Servers: Once your Private Cloud Network is provisioned, servers are built to your specification. You can choose Windows or Linux Operating System and together our cloud engineers design the optimum RAM, Processor, Storage, Security and Backup configuration for your servers. As your servers grow, additional RAM, Processor, and Storage are added as-needed.

Storage: Underlying your cloud is the best storage platform available. Our partnership with HP Enterprise on their 3Par platform ensures you have the best technology, optimally configured and managed by experts. centrexIT is proud to offer 3 tiers of storage – Archive, Standard, and High-Performance Flash – that can be blended or dedicated to best meet your workloads and budget.

Bandwidth: Your cloud experience is only as good as your cloud’s internet connection. Leveraging blended bandwidth from over 10 Internet providers with multiple paths and redundant hardware, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your cloud is online and accessible. Flexible bandwidth options are available including bursting, dedicated circuits, private circuits, and dark fiber.


Backup, Disaster Recovery and Continuity Services for your business.

Are you confident about your ability to continue business in the event of an outage or disaster? Our cloudIT™ Business Continuity Solutions provide not only secure backup and recovery, but also extends into the business to ensure your customers and users can get back to work – and we can prove it

Business Continuity Offerings:

Back up: The ability to recover your data in the event of a disaster is fundamental IT. If you are regulated, it is required. Either way, having reliable backups, stored offsite is good business. Our Cloud Backup product protects your on-site or cloud servers and data against deletion, corruption or disaster. Not only do we backup and store your data, but we prove it can be restored. Configurable to your exact needs for backup frequency and retention time, our backup solution will meet your business AND compliance needs and help you sleep well at night.

Disaster Recovery Servers: Backup is only one side of the Business Continuity equation. Once your data is backed up, if you have a disaster, where do you restore the data? Is the restore environment secure and ready to go or will it take some time to procure, secure and provision equipment? Our Disaster Recovery Servers provide you a warm, out-of-state environment to which you can restore your backed-up data. Once your data and servers are restored your warm environment is configured and tested to get you back working faster.

Need High-Availability? Hot-Site failover can be designed with the help of our experienced engineers.


Your Software Need

Need your cloud to run standard software titles? Tired of paying for 3 years of licensing up front? centrexIT offers monthly licensing options for your Microsoft software needs.

Need software from manufacturers other than Microsoft? We can host almost any title from any manufacturer.



  • Remote Desktop Server
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint
  • Office
  • Project
  • Visio


CloudSync Collaboration

Most companies offer public cloud collaboration software. While these services are convenient, they’re also the “trusted” repository for your company’s IP and critical data. centrexIT offers a secure, private cloud alternative.

With CloudSync, you can keep your critical data on YOUR servers and still enjoy Mobile App, Browser and File Share access – All secured in YOUR CLOUD.

CloudSync is priced per user per month and includes:


  • 25Gb Cloud storage per user
  • Software Licensing
  • User Support
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CentrexIT’s reputation and rapid growth have earned us the privilege of being named to San Diego’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies list three times by the San Diego Business Journal.

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