CentrexIT is San Diego's leader in IT management. Our locally-based technology professionals provide outsourced IT service, support, security and leadership for small and medium-sized businesses in the greater San Diego area.
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centrexIT is San Diego's leader in technology management and IT consulting. Our reputation for providing personalized service and expert support, while employing best-in-class technologies, is the foundation behind our client success.
3934 Murphy Canyon Rd. Ste B102
San Diego
Phone: 619-651-8700

We are San Diego's Leader in
IT Management & IT Consulting.

centrexIT is San Diego's leader in technology management and IT consulting. Our reputation for providing personalized service and expert support, while employing best-in-class technologies, is the foundation behind our client success.


Proximity matters. Staffing locally facilitates close client partnerships, and at centrexIT all of our team members are local San Diegans. The ongoing exchange of ideas ensures our services align with your business objectives.


Experience matters. Our comprehensive list of services has been developed based on 10 years of actual client needs. From technology leadership to network installation and support, cloud services, computer consulting, and business continuity, we are your complete source for IT management.


Quality matters. Every member of our team is dedicated to our Seven Points of Service Commitment. We set the bar for service excellence by making client success our #1 priority.


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We are San Diego's Leader in
IT Management & IT Consulting

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Leveraging the Cloud

Leveraging the Cloud

No company can foresee a disaster, let alone afford the cost of lost performance due to network downtime. Fire, flood, theft, and even the occasional power failure can effectively shut down a business, resulting in halted productivity, lost revenues, customer inconvenience, and even cataclysmic security breaches.

cloudIT™ is like having an insurance policy against any and all of these occurrences. Our enterprise cloudIT™ solutions keep your company data and configurations secure on local, private servers, enabling us to begin restoration as soon as the situation passes, and putting you back in business in a matter of hours.

cloudIT™ incorporates the leading cloud technology into your company's overall IT strategy. In combination with on-premise server systems, centrexIT's hybrid-approach to integrating cloud technology leverages the benefits of offsite computing while maintaining critical security.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to leverage the best of cloud computing to benefit their overall IT strategy.

Investing Cash in Old Technology

Investing Cash in Old Technology

"Throwing bad money after good"—it's a familiar axiom, and unfortunately, an increasingly prevalent practice in business IT. Business owners and managers lacking a strategy for keeping office technology current suffer catastrophic service failures every single day, often resulting in large capital investments made to replace a single component or add modules on out-of-date equipment.

centrexIT's pro-active solutions strategy includes a plan for upgrading equipment before technology is obsolete, and in advance of expensive failures. buildIT™ combines a tailored network solutions strategy with expert installation and implementation to create a stable environment where business can not only operate successfully, but do so with unrestricted growth. All of the equipment we install is scalable, allowing a company to grow from just a few users to many, without disrupting service or increasing the original budget. Designing scalable systems saves time, money and inconvenience for your growing company.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to select practical business applications that are supported by current technology as part of their overall IT strategy.

Escalating Phone Costs

Escalating Phone Costs

Ever feel like your phone system has a strangle-hold on your business? Digital phone systems, once state-of-the-art, are unable to meet the demands of today's businesses. They operate only with other digital phones, and because the technology is out-of-date, any addition, movement or change can be exceedingly cost-prohibitive.

Modern telephone systems operate through networks, allowing for a host of features and functionalities to support growing businesses. Networked phones are also multi-site compatible, while many digital systems are not. And the cost-per-minute savings realized from networked phones can make a big difference to a company's bottom line over the course of a month or year.

With more than 25% of the global market and over 80% of the Fortune 500 market relying on them, centrexIT is proud to feature Cisco Systems phones exclusively for our buildIT™ leadership model. Every system we install is fully-networked, meaning there are no longer phone lines to ring busy after the last line is engaged. Cloud-based faxing, extra extensions when business demands, consistent caller ID for every outbound call—these are just a few of the benefits to networked phones. And because all buildIT™ systems are scalable, your company can grow from 4 users to 4000 with a single call to our office.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to implement phone system technology that is cost-effective, enables application updates, and supports company growth as a part of their overall IT strategy.

Slow Response Times

Slow Response Times

You hear it all the time, and you've probably said it yourself: "I called Bob forty-five minutes ago and he still hasn't called me back." Don't blame Bob! He's wearing a lot of hats. And although he's probably not CIO material, and can't take the place of a Lead Engineer or Project Manager, Bob might be pretty adequate in the Field or at your company Help Desk. But how many people can Bob effectively support?

At centrexIT, our manageIT™ services solution includes a Chief Information Officer, a Lead Engineer, a Project Manager, a crew of Field Engineers and a Help Desk. And because some of these roles are only required an hour or two a month, centrexIT fills them with extreme efficiency. The CIO, Lead Engineer and Project Manager all fill essential roles in setting direction, putting processes in place, and coordinating changes, migrations, etc. But when pandemonium strikes, it's important to have a team of qualified Chaos Managers at the other end of the batphone.

At centrexIT, we take enormous pride in our service. Our locally-staffed manageIT™ on-demand Help Desk is without equal, and your calls will never go to voice-mail during regular business hours. Our after-hours response is unmatched, and in the event our Help Desk is unable to correct the problem remotely, we'll dispatch one of our dedicated Field Engineers to come to the rescue.

As a fellow business professional, we know that lost network connectivity means lost productivity, and the sooner we get your systems back online, the sooner you'll be back in business.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT because of their commitment to best in class service.

Adding Branch Offices

Adding Branch Offices

In today's competitive business environment, the last thing any company needs is to have their expansion held hostage by inadequate IT resources. Small and medium-sized companies rarely employ a CIO or Lead Engineer, so when the time comes to add branch offices, employees and phones, an expansion strategy may not be in place.

Third party vendors manage specific, proprietary components of an overall business expansion or development plan. But without the leadership of a CIO or Lead Engineer, communication breakdowns, compromised security and delays in production may result.

centrexIT's buildIT™ takes enterprise best practices and applies them to small business. Our one call, one point-of-contact, and one standardized-process solution sets the bar for project management and seamless branch expansion. All of our buildIT™ solutions are scalable—designed to accommodate multiple branches from the very beginning, and enabling our partners to expand in pace with their customer demands.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to utilize enterprise best practices to expand their business systems, increase remote accessibility, and protect their data security as a part of their overall IT strategy.

Outdated Software Technology

Outdated Software Technology

Not long ago, it seemed that every business wanted their own proprietary software. Why not? It seemed like a reasonable investment to have an application customized precisely to their business. Until…

  • • their business grew and the custom application wouldn't support it.
  • • the global technology changed and the application was no longer compatible.
  • • the application failed and the two techies who created it were gone sailing off the Azores.

While proprietary software applications may have seemed like a good idea at one time, custom applications are not supported. They do not receive regular updates as enterprise applications do, and they are only able to function within a custom environment—a very expensive custom environment. At centrexIT, we understand that because our buildIT™ enterprise-service software applications can be tailored to suit every business, there is just no practical reason to reinvent the wheel.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to implement enterprise-service solutions that are scalable, updatable, and are compatible with global technology that benefits their overall IT strategy.

Network Downtime

Network Downtime

It's impossible to pre-assign a cost to network downtime. A system crash can bring productivity to a halt, cause data loss, and threaten company security. Depending upon the business, a full system failure can result in anything from missed business opportunities to acute medical emergencies.

centrexIT supports and manages IT for a variety of professional offices throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties, including medical, biotech, CPA's and law firms. Our unprecedented network uptime record is a result of our commitment to incorporating only enterprise service solutions. buildIT™ deploys enterprise-service solutions identical to those utilized by large companies, but on a small business budget.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to utilize enterprise-service solutions to keep their data secure and their networks operational.

Data Security and Privacy Risks

Data Security and Privacy Risks

Last year, with the support of its Help Desk technology, centrexIT was able to identify and correct countless potentially-critical incidents before our clients ever detected a problem, and without any disruption in service.

manageIT™ network probes keep servers under constant surveillance, monitoring hundreds of sale points to proactively identify and correct system malfunctions and threats to security before they have an opportunity to become system failures.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to utilize best-in-class practices to keep their data secure and their networks operational as a part of their overall IT strategy.

Viruses & Spam

How Can I Protect My Company from Viruses and Spam?

Some days it seems like there is more spam than legitimate messages in your email inbox. Multiply the number of spam messages in your inbox by the number of employees in your organization, and that can add up to a lot of lost productivity.

centrexIT's manageIT™ enterprise-service solutions filter out content that does not adhere to modern encryption standards, as well as messages intended to deceive users into clicking through to unstable environments. Our enterprise-service technology blocks viruses attempting to infiltrate networks through bogus updates, phony antivirus messages, or by any means designed to convince users into downloading spyware to their computers. In addition, our antivirus software blocks access to non-business sites, like adult-content sites, gaming sites, and others known to harbor computer viruses.

Because centrexIT's firewall-based perimeter defense filters out potential viruses and spam messages before they ever get through to your company network, there is absolutely no reduction in system performance.

San Diego companies trust centrexIT to utilize enterprise-service solutions to filter more than 99% of email spam, block non-business site access, and keep networks secure as a part of their overall IT strategy.

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